Saturday, 13 February 2010

Saturday 13th Feb... Editing, Submitting and Blogging..........and ready to go home !

Blogging.........a picture of my screen as I'm doing this stuff to you. Last nights edit of the Kalani Chapman post I think.

Not much to blog about for last two days as I've been deep in editing and submitting territory...waves are average (compared to what I've had) so am taking the time to do computer work here while I have quiet time and uninterupted space. It's amazing living totally on my one at all (in the house that is, quite a few outside though) family, dog, phone calls, work, bike, pool, gardening to tend to etc, etc....just nothing at all to do except what I choose to do, walk down the beach, have a sleep, go mix it up with the boys/people around this house or do computer work...It gets quite lonely sometimes actually. As I've said before, this is no place to be for more than a few days if you dont surf or follow surf. When the waves go quiet and you've got no car....well, throw your keys away for a day at home and see how you go ! I still totally love this place though as it always delivers what I want...full stop.

Wednesday is going to take a lot of living up to, so I'm happy in my house space (to a certain extent), and the computer work has to be done. Just downloading and filing my work each day can take hours, eg...Wednesday I shot I think 11 or 12 gig of RAW images. That takes time to download, process and store so I know where to find it again quickly when needed. I have shot over 50 gig on this trip so far. Then there's the blogging to do after all that's done.
Paul.......hope your on to this blog now, just sent you an email....9pm here.

The crew for the Bethany Hamilton movie are back in the yard tonight as I speak.....lots of action outside, so all of a sudden the "tiredness" has been knocked out of least for the next half hour or so anyway.

OK....your'e wondering why there's a shot of a slab of Pacifico beer as an opener for today....don't really know actually, just saw the beer, bought a slab cause I like the stuff, and as I've been confined all day, that's the first image I saw after downloading, so I posted it. It's probably about the finest, attractive and most colourfull beer carton I've ever seen too.
I'm out of here for tonight....back tomorrow.
Back again.......11.10pm, same night, heaps of action outside. Another wave of movie people have just turned up...trucks and vans moving in here everywhere. I will take a pic of the yard tomorrow and post it. This is a lot bigger operation than the last time a week or so ago. Out again !

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