Monday, 15 February 2010

14th Feb. This Is It....Last Day !

Mark Foo....A guy I looked up to with high regard as I was growing up surfing. He died at Mavericks in California chasing the ultimate big wave thrill. Waimea Bay was one of his favourite spots as it was gauranteed to deliver the goods. This plaque is in the park as you walk into the bay itself.

The Waimea Chapel. A peacefull spot overlooking the bay................. until the big swells hit, then nothing is peacefull.

It's 10.30pm here on my last day, doing all the stuff that needs attending to before an international flight the next day. Just had a phone call I've been waiting for so now I can pretty well pull stumps and try and get some zzzz's. Were all set to cruise across the island tomorrow at about 4am, all I have to do with any luck is wake up and Tim will be my chaufer accross to HON. Daytime flight, so no sleep by the look of it. I will touch up this blog and add some final things once back in Australia. See Ya, and it's been a blast I have to say ! I've had the waves and I'm very satisfied. Aloha Hawaii....until next time !


  1. enjoyed your blog, sorry it's over

  2. Thanks for that Kerry....but don't be too sorry, there'll be another one coming same time, same place next year.....glad you enjoyed ! Cheers, Mal.


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