Friday, 12 February 2010

Down Time...Friday 12th Feb.

Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. This is the last place in the world you would want to be if your not somehow involved in the surf culture or industry.
Yes that's rain you see out the back window of the house overlooking the escarpment over the top of the roof of the machinery shed that was used as a mess hall for the movie dudes..........and they're coming back in the wee hours of tonight / tomorrow morning, (2am I'm told to expect the traffic to start moving in) to set up camp again here while they film at Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach, which we are pretty well in the middle of.
Sooo, It's probably going to be one of those nights again....not much sleep but for a different reason other than excitement.
The dynamics of the house change yet again !
The last two days have been all photo editing etc,etc, due to weather and I have to say, I haven't even got to the file of "Big Wednesday" yet...god forbid...12 gig of files for that one alone. I am getting a bit "cabin feverish" though from all this inside business.

I had a very quick flick through on the upload day obviously and I can tell you one thing. There are images in there that make me gag, these guys are just insane.
The one posted in my last post (just that alone without trawling through all the rest) of Kalani Chapman is just unbelievable....the more I look at that thing he is on, the more I realise what I witnessed here and that wave alone made this entire trip worthwile....seeing something like that unfold in front of you live on first reef is a life changing experience. I'll sit on the beach all day every day for that.
I remember talking in that post about just biding my time and waiting for someone to pick a beast off out at second or third reef and bring it right on into first and away from all the salt spray going on...Kalani delivered the goods on that ride, there's no shit whatsoever about that, uncle Owl (Chapman) would be well proud of him. I know Takayuki Wakita also brought one or two home but I just haven't found him yet. Speaking of Tak, as I said, I was talking to him at Pipe the other day, I recieved an email from him today thanking me for taking photos of him....he was, in his words "stoked to see them" and was very appreciative in his words to me. That makes me keep shooting and feel like it's all worth it !

I know I've said it before outside of this blog..... Just coming to this place and sitting on the beach when a day like this goes down is just what I said (life changing). I could not believe what I was seeing that day.
There's a party going on down in the shed....8pm. I'm going down to have a chat and a beer with the boys and make the most of it as the movie crew will be here tomorrow and they will be taking over the shed again....back soon and I'll continue.

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